Miniature Jousting Helmet (FW)

Miniature Jousting Helmet (FW)

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The frog-mouth helm (or Stechhelm meaning "jousting helmet" in German) was a type of great helm, appearing from around 1400 and lasting into the first quarter of the 16th century. The helmet was primarily used by mounted knights for tournaments (jousting) rather than on the battlefield.

As the great helm was becoming militarily obsolete, its popularity as an object of knightly reverence was only beginning. The weight and immobility of the great helm became ideal for use in the joust. 

A knight's helmet was a key piece of the knight's protection during a tournament and began to incorporate design features specifically for jousting like the second life of the great helm. Our Jousting Helm sits firmly in this lineage fully immobilised by being screwed onto the breastplate, so that an impact could not throw back the head. Just before impact, the wearer would lean back in the saddle, eyes protected from the shards of their opponent’s lance. 

Start your own collection with our mini jousting helmet.

Approx 5cm high