Knight Commander of Abbeystowe

Knight Commander of Abbeystowe

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Join the Knights of Abbeystowe for 2025!

    Closes 31 December 2024

    What is the Order of the Knights of Abbeystowe?

    The Order of the Knights of Abbeystowe is your chance to join the Abbey on its noble Quest. Reflecting the Knightly Orders of the Middle Ages, the Abbey Museum is inviting fans to become champions of our cause - to support the Abbey Museum and its Medieval Festival to grow and continue to educate, entertain and inspire those who visit our Museum or participate in our Festival, programs and activities.

    There are 4 Ranks available to choose from. 

    "Knight of Abbeystowe"

    "Knight Lieutenant of Abbeystowe" 

    "Knight Captain of Abbeystowe"

    "Knight Commander of Abbeystowe"

     Foundation Privileges plus

       ”Knight of Commander Abbeystowe" Privileges

      • Gold pendant & chain*

      • Badge for the second year and following years of membership
      • Silk lined woollen mantle of the Order*
      • High Gallery package of four (4) VIP tickets with two (2) VIP parking for each day of the Medieval Festival
      • Participation in Opening Ceremony parade of Festival (with one guest) in costume, plus designated seating
      • Escorted tour of the Festival site (with one guest) by the Lady of Abbeystowe and re-enactors
      • Afterhours access on Saturday evening of the Festival where you and your guests will have the opportunity to dine (at your own expense) at the Stag Inn
      • Guest of Honour at the Knight Commander Dinner accompanied with a guest 
      • First opportunity to support acquisitions to Museum collection and improvement of facilities
      • Annual personal briefing on operations of Museum and Festival
      • VIP dedicated area at other festivals and Museum events (requires ticket purchase)
      • Exclusive pre-sale access for up to four (8) tickets for other events including VIP/Premium tickets
      • Your support: $ 10,000 per annum

      The other ranks are:

      "Knight of Abbeystowe"

      "Knight Lieutenant of Abbeystowe"

      "Knight Captain of Abbeystowe"