Lady Maud de Clare- Teddies of Abbeystowe

Lady Maud de Clare- Teddies of Abbeystowe

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The Teddies of Abbeystowe Collection. This is the second series of teddies with a medieval twist. These teddies are very cute and very collectible. Unique and exclusive to the Abbey they make a wonderful gift- if you can bear to part with them.

Meet... Lady Maud de Clare, she is the wife of Sir Robert Clifford. She wears a white tunic under a pale gold brocade sideless surcoat. The surcoat is trimmed with a braid and the undertunic belted with a plaited cord with maroon velvet pouch decorated with pearl beads. Matching her pouch she wears velvet head piece and veil. Noted for her resilience, determination and good stature, nothing less than would be expected of the wife of one of the most powerful warrior barons of England.

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The Teddies of Abbeystowe Collection has been designed and crafted by the Abbey’s very own artisan sewing team as part of the popular ‘Abbey Made’ series of artisan products. Only very limited quantities have been produced.