Miss Elizabeth Bearnet - Teddies of Abbeystowe
Miss Elizabeth Bearnet - Teddies of Abbeystowe

Miss Elizabeth Bearnet - Teddies of Abbeystowe

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The Teddies of Abbeystowe Collection. This is the Third series of teddies with a Historical twist. These teddies are very cute and very collectible. Unique and exclusive to the Abbey they make a wonderful gift- if you can bear to part with them.

Meet....Miss Elizabeth Bearnet is named after the far more famous Miss Elizabeth Bennet one of Jane Austen’s most beloved character.  Like her name sake, our Miss Lizzy Bearnet is a frequent visitor to Picnic at Pemberley held each year here at the Abbey Museum. Miss Lizzy is dressed in a white empire-line dress featuring delicate blue flowers. Her dress and bonnet are trimmed with blue and highlighted with a red rose applique.

Like many young women of her era, she is in search of a ‘respectable young bear of means’ that she can wed. When at Pemberley, she enjoys promenading around the grounds fluttering her fan in a beguiling manner to ensure she is noticed. When she has caught the eye of a prospective husband, she does her best to keep his attention with diverting conversation or participating in an engaging dance or a Game of Graces.

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The Teddies of Abbeystowe Collection has been designed and crafted by the Abbey’s very own artisan sewing team as part of the popular ‘Abbey Made’ series of artisan products. Only very limited quantities have been produced.