Sir Robert Clifford - Teddies of Abbeystowe

Sir Robert Clifford - Teddies of Abbeystowe

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The Teddies of Abbeystowe Collection. This is the second series of teddies with a medieval twist. These teddies are very cute and very collectible. Unique and exclusive to the Abbey they make a wonderful gift- if you can bear to part with them.

Meet .... Sir Robert Clifford was a Lord of great repute. His heraldry Chequy Argent and Azure, a fess Gules, can be seen in the stained glass window in the Abbey Church. Robert de Clifford of Appleby became one of the most powerful warrior barons of England and won great honour at the Siege of Caerlaverock Castle, and his achievements are immortalised in the Caerlaverock Roll of 1300.

“All the merits of his grandsire, Roger, still in Robert spring.

Of no praise is he unworthy; .wiser none was with the King.

Honoured was his banner, chequy gold and blue, a scarlet fess.

Were I maiden, heart and body I would yield to such noblesse!”

He is attired in a blue brocade tunic with gold trim, he wears a pouch and matching belt with an impressive gilt buckle. Matching his buckle, trim and fine buttons our Lord wears a large gold hat. 

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The Teddies of Abbeystowe Collection has been designed and crafted by the Abbey’s very own artisan sewing team as part of the popular ‘Abbey Made’ series of artisan products. Only very limited quantities have been produced.