Abbey Made Woman Viking Apron
Abbey Made Woman Viking Apron

Abbey Made Woman Viking Apron

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This red apron is a historically accurate reproduction of styles found in numerous Viking settlement sites across northern Europe. It features loose-fitting front & back panels attached by wide straps over the shoulders. The embroidered ribbon on the front & matching carrybag are in a Scandinavian-style pattern and co-ordinates with the apron colour. 

The Viking apron dress, also commonly known as a ‘smokkr’ is a very characteristic garment of the age. Women, with the help of children, made the wool into yarn and used natural dyes from plants to give it colour. This type of dress was a common garment among the Viking women who combined it with a pair of turtle brooches with stringed beads. The brooches are used to fasten the shoulder straps in the front. Together with the oval brooches and the glass beads, which are often found in high status women's graves from this time.

Each apron is pictured together for a family view but sold separately. Child size is on a separate screen and more colours for the woman will be at the festival.

Women Long  from shoulder 129cm

Woman Short from shoulder  88cm